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PMD Alliance provides opportunities for people impacted by movement disorders to learn, live life more fully and connect with others.

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In-Person Programs

The PMD Alliance suite of in-person workshops and events won’t just keep you informed and get you moving. They’ll help you build practical skills to employ every day and make connections in ways lively and unexpected. We invite you to explore!

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Online Programs

Neuro Life Online® puts you in touch—in real-time—with a community of experts and movement disorder allies. Wherever you live, through interactive access, we address everyday strategies and the potential of the whole person to live, move and thrive.

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In Your Words

“As a nurse with Ashfield Healthcare, on behalf of US World Meds, it's an absolute honor to have the opportunity to be inspired by the PMD Alliance community. It's truly uplifting to know the love and support the PD community has. Being a nurse, these events provide me with education to take back to my patients, and help me grow as a PD nurse. I can't express enough how impactful PMD Alliance is to the PD community, patients & healthcare providers.”

- Jessica Hefner (Chandler, AZ)

“This week's workshop in Phoenix was truly a joy to be able to participate in. I LEARNED a lot!! Even more, it was such a privilege to be in such a great group of people - an amazing collection of strong, insightful, caring personalities. By acknowledging and supporting this group, PMD Alliance not only strengthens and helps the leaders, it has a tremendous positive impact on the people they are trying to help. The ripples spread out! The whole experience was simply terrific.”

- Anna Wilkerson (Tucson, AZ)

“We cannot thank you enough for the AMAZING training and delivery last week! It was especially exciting to see the turnout and level of commitment to our PD community. Your organization truly is setting the bar for leadership and direction! We appreciate all that you do.”

- Shannon Arriola, MC (Outreach Manager)

“I'm glad I went to the Get Out. A gentleman and I stood talking for over an hour. He was thankful and told me he had never talked to anyone that knew what he was going through and it made him feel better knowing that he isn't the only one. I informed him that there are many other people going through what we are going through and I'm always able to talk. Thank you for all you do.”

- Ernest Marquez (Albuquerque, NM)

“Thank you for this online presentation. It was wonderfully informative. I hope that we are on your mailing list for future presentations and other information. We need all that we can get! We are relatively new to the PD community and having some difficulty adjusting to the symptoms and losses. Knowing that we are not alone and that there are resources available is very reassuring and calming. Thanks again.”

- NeuroLife Online User

“Thank you so much for your hospitality and for putting on the In Sync conference this past Thursday and Friday. It was obvious that a lot of planning and effort went into it on your part and I just wanted to say well done and send my thanks. I must say however that my favorite part was simply just meeting and getting to know the truly amazing people who attended, I came home very inspired. So thanks again. What you all do is very much appreciated.”

- Dave Orlowski (South Orange County Parkinson’s Support Group)

“That conference was life changing for us. Truly. I want to thank you so much for putting that on and I meant to email you this before you emailed me but you beat me to it! We had some major breakthroughs with my family. We had some strained relationships in our family that have been exacerbated by PD and so going to this conference was super good at helping us to re-center around it.”

- Gretchen Heinen (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)

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Our programs are interactive, life-giving, and engaging.  We believe information is power and go the extra mile to ensure you have the tools to use the information you learn. Our programs exhilarate the mind, warm the heart, and awaken the body. When you donate to PMD Alliance, you know that your gift will be working hard towards making life better for people impacted by movement disorders and their families across the county.


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