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Recently, a few members of PMD Alliance were in Kyoto, Japan for the World Parkinson Congress.

While there, we decided to visit one of the oldest Buddhist temples early one morning before the Congress began. There was a line of people entering a portion of the template that translates to  “Womb Walk”.  For only $1 (100 yen), we decided to give it a try!

As we approached, the staff asked us to remove our shoes and hold onto the railing as we entered the walk. I remember that just a few steps in there was no light. It was pitch black. Unable to see even 6 inches in front of me, I shuffled my feet, as if afraid I would fall off a ledge, making sure not to lose touch with the railing that consisted of what felt like large wooden beads. I felt a surge of anxiety and realized I was trapped and there was no way out.

This profound experience is not unlike what a person experiences when they are told they have Parkinson’s or another movement disorder.  It is not unlike what a care partner or adult child feels when they learn their loved one is facing a degenerative disease – which means they are too. As I took a breath in, and out,  I remembered my trusted colleagues and friends were in front and behind me. Breathing slowly, I found myself trusting that I would be back in the light at some point.

Here at PMD Alliance, we don’t shy away from the darkness that comes with Parkinson’s and movement disorders.

Our carefully planned workshops and retreats allow us to join you on your journey.

Building on our model of human-centric design, we invite everyone to walk with us including care partners, adult children, friends, physicians, and more.

As we find our way through the dark and into the light, we walk together.  The genuine peace, power, and strength that is experienced on the other side of darkness is beyond words.

Have you been to one of our workshops? If so, we look forward to seeing you again soon.  If not, there is still time!  Take a look at the list below and grab your friends, family and support group leaders and join us.

No two workshops are the same!  We are constantly building on the process with real-time learning from all of you.  If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you for letting us be a trusted partner on this journey!

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