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Turn on your computer and start your timer! See how long it would take you to find all of the movement disorder support groups in your state area. We all know staying active is important, so try to search for your state’s specialty exercise groups too. Now try to compile that information into a usable list.  Up until now, it would take days of research and visiting over 10+ websites to gather all that information.  At PMD Alliance, we feel life is too short to waste your precious hours working on research like that.

At PMD Alliance, creating solutions is one of our goals. We want to enable you  to have more time living life – not wasting it on unnecessary research.  That is why we have invested significant time and energy to create a section of our website that will provides all of this information – in ONE location – to YOU.

We are proud to announce that our newly redesigned website now offers you the only centralized list of movement disorder groups nationwide. With thousands of entries, you can view the list of support and exercise groups by region, city and state.

We know that groups change or new ones form. If you missing or inaccurate information, please send us an email at

Don’t forget to keep checking the website for an up-to-date list and new information as we receive it from our community.

PMD Alliance – innovating for you. Innovating for living.

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  • So very glad that you have put together a comprehensive list of support groups and wellness and fitness classes. This has been a need for a very long time. I urge everyone out there to help you keep it up to date so that those who are looking to connect, can find groups close to them.
    Well done!

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