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We regularly talk about what it means to be inspired. With a profound belief that life is too short to just show up, we want you living for today, every day! Often times we are so focused on the cure for what challenges us today.  While these things are important, the reality is, that it takes us out of today. And so – we miss a day of our precious lives by living in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I may be the greatest culprit of living in the future.  Always planning, seeking improvement, growth and learning, I am aware that staying in today can be challenging.  That said, when I do it – remain fully in today – my life is enriched in ways that escape words.  We can talk about the future, but something happens when you do it while fully listening and being present with the person in front of you.

Just this week, I experienced the following with 3 different individuals:
  • In a conversation with Tikvah for Parkinson’s, a nonprofit out of Jerusalem that we connected with at WPC, we exchanged stories of the genesis of each organization and found a deeply shared passion and vision.
  • Meeting with a new donor to the organization, we had a discussion about the ways in which PMD Alliance is moving the needle on creating resilience through our carefully choreographed programs for care partners, adult children and support group leaders. He responded with – wow, I get it – so you are like gardeners.  You are not the plants you are preparing the soil so that the plants can thrive. Chills.
  • While writing a proposal for the International Movement Disorder Society, I spoke with three of our Movement Disorder Specialist partners from Arizona, California, and Illinois. We spoke about ways to collaborate the value and methods of employing the ecosystem in clinical practice. The stories shared and energy about a fresh perspective were just palpable!

We are often asked what makes us different from other organizations and we welcome that question.  The difference?  We are here to translate educational materials and information into a skill, tool, or activity that will enrich your life – today!  We are here to provide you resources, link you to providers and services near you.

PMD Alliance is about today . We are here for you.  And with you.  This is a team sport – and we are on your team!


This is the promise of PMD Alliance.

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