Estrogen and Parkinson's - PMD Alliance

In 2015 researchers discovered that the prodrug DHED that selectively delivers 17β-estradiol to the brain for treating estrogen responsive disorder, halted or slowed down the symptoms in Parkinson’s.

According to NeuroScience News on August 12, 2019

“Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the death of neurons involved in movement, which may be partially caused by gene mutations for the protein α-synuclein. The mutated, shorter form of the protein clusters in neurons, resulting in their death, while the longer form resists clumping. Estrogen is thought to protect movement neurons from Parkinson’s disease, but how is unknown. Since the patients more susceptible to Parkinson’s disease — men and post-menopausal women — have low estrogen levels, estrogen treatment might be an effective way to delay and reduce symptoms.”

As researchers continue to study and discover the effectiveness of estrogen and Parkinson’s, recent findings are promising for those living with Parkinson’s who are either male or post-menopausal.

Here at PMD Alliance, we always encourage you to discuss new treatment options, current research findings, and more with your team of medical experts. The more information you and your doctor have, the better care plan you can walk away with.

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