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A fresh new year gives an opportunity for a fresh new start. We each experience fresh starts regularly, and for people impacted by movement disorders each new day provides an opportunity for a “do-over” on something that didn’t quite turn out the way they intended or to try something new to live life more fully.

A recent encounter with someone struggling to find a sense of resilience in a seemingly unending journey with countless ups and downs resulted in a rich discussion and an amazing discovery. As he shared his overwhelming fatigue and worries and was able to talk, peeling away each layer, he was finally able to see that he was really stronger than any disease. He WAS resilient – and full of life!

Allow me to share a few opportunities that we discovered during that discussion to remind us we CAN and DO start fresh every day, often more than once:

When taking that first sip of coffee in the morning, STOP – really taste it. That first sip is a reminder of a fresh, new day that is about to begin.
Taking a shower or bath – splurge and purchase a special soap.  Using soap with a new or special fragrance can trigger the brain to remember that you are starting fresh while rinsing away the old.
Give a loved one or friend a hug – receive one in return. That simple touch reminds us that we are not alone and generates a fresh start to engaging in renewed connections.
Pick your favorite song – save it to your phone or device. When you feel overwhelmed, listen to it for that needed reset.  I created a short playlist to listen to when I need a reset or fresh start.
Stop and look at nature – observe wildlife, perhaps a bird, in their daily routine, often right outside the kitchen window. That can remind us of a natural ebb and flow: they toil, sleep, wake up and start again, refreshed.  We can learn from their resilience.

If you have not noticed, I just went through the five senses.  Our senses are a terrific way to help us explore fresh starts when we feel stuck.  Fresh starts generate resilience. We naturally have a reservoir of resilience into which we can tap.

What is your fresh start today?

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