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Among the many free wellness programs geared toward the movement disorders community that are offered online, I can recommend Parkinson’s on the Move as a wonderful resource that offers not just exercise videos, but also nutrition advice and tips to reduce stress, which we can all benefit from during these challenging times.

Parkinson’s on the Move was founded by Alexander Tressor and Alexis Peterson, and their primary philosophy is that Parkinson’s is a very personal disease and that the fight against PD is best approached through truly ‘knowing’ the disease.  Mr. Tressor, originally from Russia, is a former Broadway performer, ballet teacher, and choreographer who was diagnosed with PD in 2007.  His deep knowledge of the benefits of movement and overall wellness, including keeping a healthy diet and effectively managing stress, has informed their organization’s free website content as well as an individualized, comprehensive wellness program if you should choose to explore that direction.

I would like to highlight the Parkinson’s on the Move free Exercise Library, which includes a wide variety of videos grouped by Exercise Focus: (i.e. Core Strengthening, Cardio, Stretching, etc.), Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard), and How would you like to exercise (Standing, Sitting, Lying Down).

Another great tool is the search function in the library that allows you to organize the videos according to these categories.  The exercises can be intensified over time by adding weight and/or increasing the number of sets or repetitions. 

There is also a helpful Exercise Guide available in the Articles section of the library that explains the best methods for approaching their exercise program.  Fun tip:  search the Coordination category and give the Ball Toss exercises a go with your loved ones at home!

Shannon Elliott earned her Master’s in dance from York University and famously trod the boards and regaled audiences of the professional dance world for more than 20 years. Her career was and is storied. Always up for expanding her horizons, Shannon executed a full-on career pivot at the opportune moment and applied her artistry to the field of health and wellness. Someone should write a book about this. A teacher at heart, Shannon earned her personal training and group fitness certifications and began teaching Dance for PD® classes for seniors and those living with Parkinson disease. As the PMD Alliance In Sync Network Manager, she expertly blends elements of dance and movement with the opportunity to help support group leaders expand their roles and deepen their engagement in the movement disorder communities.

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