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Two years ago, I transitioned my career to the health and wellness field by obtaining my personal training and group fitness certifications and studying the Dance for PD® methodology.  I then began teaching dance and fitness classes to seniors in my community of Santa Fe, New Mexico, which I have enjoyed immensely!  My classes and private clients always brighten my day.

Eldergym has been a great source of inspiration for exercise and personal training ideas to utilize with my classes and clients.  I receive a regular email newsletter from Coach Doug Schrift that includes a free new exercise video each week, and his Eldergym website is a treasure trove of free videos and fitness information that is suited specifically for seniors.

Doug Schrift is a Physical Therapist, Geriatric Specialist, and Senior Fitness Coach who founded Eldergym in 2006.  He helps thousands of seniors each year to become stronger and more stable and independent through his free downloads, free exercises, helpful articles and podcasts.  He also adds videos to his Youtube Channel  on a regular basis that cover important fitness topics like balance, strength training, posture, proper breathing technique, and flexibility.  You can also sign up for his weekly newsletter and receive a free 4-week fitness program!

Coach Doug also runs the Eldergym Academy, which is an Online Senior Fitness Community that helps his clients build strength, improve balance, and increase stability from the comfort of their own homes. He provides step-by-step guidance that includes a fitness ‘roadmap,’ access to 150+ video workouts, an easy to follow calendar to keep you on track, a weekly live stream meetup to address personal fitness questions, and a virtual seniors fitness community to connect you to others in the program.  Coach Doug is now offering a free, one-month “Stay at Home” trial of the Academy as a response to the COVID-19 crisis and our need to stay safe in our homes.

Eldergym is a great way to keep you moving in your living room in a safe and enjoyable way – check out the website today!

Shannon Elliott earned her Master’s in dance from York University and famously trod the boards and regaled audiences of the professional dance world for more than 20 years. Her career was and is storied. Always up for expanding her horizons, Shannon executed a full-on career pivot at the opportune moment and applied her artistry to the field of health and wellness. Someone should write a book about this. A teacher at heart, Shannon earned her personal training and group fitness certifications and began teaching Dance for PD® classes for seniors and those living with Parkinson disease. As the PMD Alliance In Sync Network Manager, she expertly blends elements of dance and movement with the opportunity to help support group leaders expand their roles and deepen their engagement in the movement disorder communities.

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