Tour the National Parks Straight from Your Computer - PMD Alliance

Have your spring and summer travel plans been placed on hold? Don’t let that stop you from exploring all the beautiful wonders that the United States have to offer. Thanks to the wonderful virtual experience that the National Park Service has beautifully put together, you can now explore various National Parks straight from your home!

While touring the various parks add a bit more fun to the tour start a challenge with your family and friends to see who can visit the most during our shelter in place order. You can even create your very own virtual national park passport.

If competitions aren’t your thing and you are feeling a bit more confident with the program Zoom, screen share with your family and watch/tour the parks together. **Did you know that PMD Alliance offers free Zoom help before each of our NLO programs? We can show you how to screen share! Check out our full line up of NLO programs HERE.

Here are just a few of our favorites!

For more information or other virtual tours and photo galleries, visit the National Park Service website. We hope this peaked your interest for the great outdoors!

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