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Spring is in FULL BLOOM! Which means, as we enter our second month of Shelter In Place, this is a great time to dust off that tucked away camera or explore the camera settings on your well used smartphone. Capturing beautiful photos is easier than you think. Look around and you’ll find plenty of things ready to be captured on film. From outside your home with blooming flowers popping up everywhere to silly selfies you can share with family and friends, there is always a chance to learn a new skill or elevate your photos – even without all the fancy equipment.

Exploring your creative side has never been easier than with the help of a few famous photography resources. To ease the frustration of being at home during COVID-19, each of these companies are offering a number of their online classes, tips and tricks, and online resources for FREE!

The Professional Photographers of America

During Covid-19, they graciously opened up their extensive educational library for amateur and professional photographers, through the end of May. All you need to do is sign up for their emails, and then you will gain access to over 1,000+ online classes. Just think what you can learn in one month –  and when we are finally able to gather with friends and family, you’ll surely impress them with your new found skills!



Ready to start your next career as a Instagrammer or blogger? Well don’t worry if that is not for you, but you can still learn how to take awesome and eye-catching photos! Nikon School is offering free online courses where you will dive deep into the ins and outs of a DSLR and point& shoot camera. Login in each day to stream one of their free online classes.



Now that you have learned the basics of taking photos, what about the editing process? This is equally as important to a producing high quality photo, even if taken with a smartphone. That is where Adobe comes in. One their blog, they are big sharing their editing knowledge. No matter the amount of time you have, there are plenty of quick tips, tutorials, and resource guides for all your photo editing needs.

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