Lorien Encore at Turf Valley is the Newest CPDC™ Accredited Care Facility - PMD Alliance

Encore at Turf Valley managers and staff members attended two PD-specific training sessions. They learned about motor and non-motor symptoms and the importance of rigorous medication management. Nurses, personal care attendants, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and administrative employees now know more about how to more effectively assist and meet the daily needs of people with PD. And because the CPDC program was developed with the goal of accrediting entire facilities, certification assures that every day, at any hour and throughout the facility, staff members can create care plans and respond with understanding and empathy to the many challenges people with PD experience.

Lou Grimmel Jr., Encore at Turf Valley Executive Director, assigned coordination of the training effort to Lindsay Robey, Admissions Director. She scheduled training sessions throughout March and completed CPDC staff training requirements before COVID-19 affected facility operations.

CPDC is the only accreditation in the country that trains entire facilities about elements of daily care for Parkinson patients and residents. Training sections address functional, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. Topics center on encouraging compassion and providing practical, effective skills that improve daily quality of life.

Facilities and patient care services that complete CPDC training requirements are officially recognized by PMD Alliance on our website and may use CPDC accreditation in their community outreach and advertising. Live stream sessions are arranged to accommodate each facility’s scheduling needs.

For more information about Encore at Turf Valley at  https://www.lorienhealth.com/locations/encore.

We’re always happy to talk about ways we can help people with Parkinson’s and movement disorders and those who care for them. If you live or work in a long-term care facility or with a care service and would like to know more about CPDC, please contact Judy Talley, Director, CPDC, at judy@pmdalliance.org.

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