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As a former college football player who later struggled with weight loss, Eric Johnson, CSCS, CIFT, FMS, PWR! Instructor decided to gear his life’s work around enhancing the lives of others through exercise. After college, Eric worked as an Exercise Physiologist specializing in Adaptive Fitness for 6 years and developed exercise programs for people with Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, and complex medical conditions. That is where he gained the specialized expertise to start his own business, Movement Revolution, where he could provide unparalleled personal training services for people with disabilities and neurological conditions in the city and suburbs of Chicago.

Founded in 2013, Movement Revolution’s mission statement is “to foster hope and invigorate life through exercise for people with neurological conditions and other physical disabilities. Our programs restore ability, create advocacy, and empower the lives of our clients. Our expert team of Exercise Physiologists puts research into action and bridge the gap from clinical rehabilitation, into community-based exercise, completing the continuum of care.”

Eric enjoys breaking down function to its rawest, most elemental form, in an effort to rebuild strength and independence for his clients.  His passion is to enable people to realize the transformative power of exercise and maximize their abilities to help them live better, stronger, and longer.  His “Neuro Intensive Exercise” method is centered around the principle of intensity. Each client has a different level of intensity depending on age, ability level, and exercise history. He works with those who have recently been diagnosed, those who have been discharged from physical therapy, and those who have been living with their condition for many years, to create safe and personalized continued exercise programs.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Movement Revolution has opened its doors far beyond the city and suburbs of Chicago.  They are offering Revolution@Home, an individually-tailored, in-home training program that is led virtually, no matter where you live, through private lessons and live Neuro Fight Club classes.  They have also made accessible a FREE ONLINE LIBRARY of specialized, on-demand videos that are helpful for people of all ability levels, which includes several fun and engaging classes called Posture, Stretch, Box, Dribble, Strength, Breath, Warm up, and Strike.  You can check out the Revolution@Home Training Program and on-demand videos by clicking on this LINK:

You’ve officially been invited to participate in a “Revolution” in Home Exercise – get inspired and try out this program geared toward YOUR unique needs today!

Shannon Elliott earned her Master’s in dance from York University and famously trod the boards and regaled audiences of the professional dance world for more than 20 years. Her career was and is storied. Always up for expanding her horizons, Shannon executed a full-on career pivot at the opportune moment and applied her artistry to the field of health and wellness. Someone should write a book about this. A teacher at heart, Shannon earned her personal training and group fitness certifications and began teaching Dance for PD® classes for seniors and those living with Parkinson disease. As the PMD Alliance In Sync Network Manager, she expertly blends elements of dance and movement with the opportunity to help support group leaders expand their roles and deepen their engagement in the movement disorder communities.

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