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Thank you. Two simple words that are simultaneously underused and overused.

The reality is a hollow and perfunctory “thank you” is more of a morale buster than no thank you at all.  When we use these two words we have an opportunity to say I see you and I see what you have done, who you are or the contribution you offered to this moment and appreciate it.  When offered genuinely, it is one of the most substantial gifts we can offer each other.

While we may be continuing to physically distance, saying thank you is a meaningful way to connect with people.  Taking time for a few extra seconds to express what you are thankful for will generate a feeling of well being for you and the person you are thanking.

I’ll start.  Thank you for engaging with us online during this time.  Each time I join one of our Livestream programs and see all your faces, many of which are familiar, my heart if filled and I cannot help but smile.  You engagement in our programs is good for the heart, and I thank you for it!

Give it a try! It’s free. 


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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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