Advocacy in Action - August - PMD Alliance

PMD Alliance is proud to join forces with the Alliance of Aging Research and advocate for policy changes to make prescription drugs more affordable for people living with movement disorders. As part of Project Lower Out of Pocket, PMD Alliance implores congressional leadership to address out-of-pocket (OOP) costs in Medicare Part D by placing a cap on beneficiaries’ costs and providing the option to smooth costs over the course of a year. The proposed reforms were detailed in a letter sent July 20, 2020.

Add your voice to the fray by writing your elected officials! Below is a step-by-step guide for you to write your elected officials.

Step 1) Identify Your Members of Congress

  • The above links should direct you to the web pages of your members of Congress that will let you know how you can write to them. Your members of Congress should have a contact page that will let you know the best way to contact them. Usually, this is a form you will fill out.

Step 2) Fill in Your Member of Congress’ Name and your contact information

  • Make sure to include the member of Congress’ name at the top of the document and to include your address and contact information, including your email and/or phone number below your name.

Step 3) Insert Your Personal Story

  • The most effective and persuasive communications with Congress come from constituents talking about their personal experiences.
  • Briefly, in the template, talk about your experiences with high out-of-pocket costs and how it affects the patient community.

Together our voices can make a difference!

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