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Care Partners and Adult Children are an integral part of the movement disorder ecosystem and we recognize that they need support too!  To quote Pablo Casals, “The capacity to care is the thing that gives life its deepest significance and meaning.”

PMD Alliance is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to learn, live more fully and spark meaningful connections around them.  I believe that we are showing this through our new Care Partner’s Facebook Page.  We are helping those by creating content that people can learn from, and in turn, are able to live their lives more fully, all while making connections with people from all over the world.

The idea of the Care Partner Facebook page was to create a place for people who are caring for their loved ones with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders to support one another, connect, educate, and feel inspired.  We are focusing on providing useful and helpful information to care partners all across the world.

Our Facebook community has quickly gained popularity with a lot of shares, engagement, and of course the ever so famous likes.  Over the last month, we have received wonderful comments and feedback from the masses.  We receive many comments from our posts, here is a comment from one of our most recent posts on caregiver tips: “I think we all might be being too hard on ourselves. This list is something to aspire to, but we have to remember we are only human. And humans make mistakes. All we can do is try our best!”

Being an adult child of a father with Atypical Parkinsonism, its been so wonderful for me to do the research, find out new information and create easy to view/consume posts.  I love being able to share the information that I am finding to a whole new audience through our Facebook page.   I hope you take a look at what we’ve created for this very important part of our ecosystem and enjoy the education and inspiration!

Let’s support one another!

Join our Care Partner and Adult Child Facebook page.

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