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Let me introduce you to Daniel.  Truth be told, I don’t really know him. I just run into him nearly every time I go for a walk on the Rillito Wash near where I live in Arizona, even in 107 degree weather. He is always using his walking poles and we always exchange a brief hello.

Today was different, though. Today, I stopped and asked him his name and I told him mine. In that moment, a connection was made and the world felt normal. I look forward to the next time I am out for my walk and I can greet him with, “Hi, Daniel!” The whole thing got me thinking: how often do we miss the opportunity to truly see and be seen?  I think all too often…

During this COVID time, I want to keep my reflections simple, because the last thing we need right now is more complexity.  So here it is, my reflection: there are so many ways to spark connection and right now, most people are starved for connection. The “a-ha” moment I have with Daniel today was one in which I realized it is up to us as individuals to create connection. When we do, it enriches so many lives.

I challenge you to ask the name of someone that you say hi to or interact with on a regular basis and never have gotten to know.  And when you do, notice the flood of endorphins and dopamine that connection creates.

This is what we do. PMD Alliance is all about generating resilience, building confidence, and sparking connections. We know our in-person events are the perfect recipe for this. We are all missing each other but my interaction with Daniel was a good reminder that valuable connections can still be found and made, and the ripple effects are so positive.

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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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