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Let’s break out of the daily rut and start tapping into our creative side! As we roll into September, during this unique time of COVID-19 and stay at home orders, let’s try a little something new. We’ve completed the puzzles, read a book and even socialized over zoom happy hours, but now it’s time to give our brain a creative boost. All it takes is some pencils, paper, and maybe perhaps some crayons or paints.

Now that you have all the materials, let me introduce you to Doodle Journaling! The whole idea is to jot down your thoughts and feelings through simple, yet creative doodles. They can be as simple or colorful as you like, but the whole purpose is to allow yourself the space to put down what you are feeling into a visual format that stimulates your mind at the same time.

Lauren Simmons, a PMD Alliance Ambassador and person living with Parkinson’s, discovered the joys of Doodle Journaling in June and has been actively creating fun, little masterpieces while she hangs out at home. According to Lauren, “sketchbook journaling has given me a relaxing, creative way to document my time stuck at home during Covid.  I am already looking back at the pages I did a few months ago and remembering what was going on at that time.  As an added benefit, painting is a fun way to work on fine muscle control and multi-tasking because I often doodle while watching television or listening to webinars.”

Below are just a few examples of Lauren’s doodles and to get you started in the right direction, we have linked a few doodling tutorials and articles.

Let the creativity begin!

Benefits of Doodling

Doodling isn’t just for those who are bored or trying to pass some time – according to Harvard, doodling is actually good for your brain! Based on 2009 study, researchers to surprised to see that in a small test group retained almost 30% more information from those who didn’t.



100+ Step-by-Step Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorials that Anyone Can Draw

Not sure if you know how to put your thoughts into a creative and fun little doodle? Check out this site to learn how to enhance your doodles or gain a little inspiration to get your started.



50+ Stunningly Easy Bullet Journal Doodles You Can Totally Recreate

Sometimes we all need a starting off point! With this super simple doodles, follow along to recreate in our own doodle journal. It may also spark some new ideas and have you come up with our own creative idea.


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