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When most people think about the pharmaceutical or medical device industry – they think about medication prices, insurance coverage and side effects.

We think about investment in education and learning.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical and device industry invests millions of dollars each year into education and community-based events for people impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders? In fact, the US stands out as a leader in disease education and information. Not only that, but our partners who work in finding solutions for therapies and treatments stand out as leaders in providing a significant amount of money that helps brings doctors to YOU.

If you know someone with another chronic condition, like migraines, COPD, etc. you are unlikely to find community-based educational events provided by physician and clinical experts in which they take time to explain the disease in depth, help you prepare for the nuances of the disease and answer questions. Hosting these events is not free. Our partners invest in us to utilize that funding to offer those programs to you! Individual donations are essential in the support we provide, but without our Annual Partners’ investments, we would not be able to provide more than 150 livestreams and more than 30 inperson programs each year.

We think about finding the best synergies to understand potential solutions to improve everyday life and emPower! people impacted by movement disorders to advocate for themselves.

We work very closely with our sponsors to refine and adapt their educational programs about medications to be interesting and fresh, with the hopes that you reach a deeper understanding of the disease process as well as a treatment options.

We think about investment in safety and innovation.

It is a little-known fact that it takes an average of about $3 billion to bring a drug to market, and 9 out of 10 never make it. That means we ask for innovators to invest hundreds of millions without knowing the end result. While we learn from each trial, whether a drug makes it through or not, large costs are incurred. The FDA’s safety protocols keep consumers protected, but again, these protocols cost money.

We think about collaboration

And we are so grateful to work with these partners!
Thank you to our 2021 Annual Partners for your support of our model, our programs, and our community.
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