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There’s an international squad of Parkinson’s superheroes, and, guess what – they say you are a superhero too. The PD Avengers describe themselves as “a global alliance of people with PD, and their partners and friends, standing together to demand change in how the disease is seen and treated.” Parkinson’s disease was discovered 200 years ago, and is now the fastest growing neurological disease, and still without a cure. This reality inspired the mission of the PD Avengers: to unite 1 million voices to stand together for the Parkinson’s community.  

There are currently almost 3,000 PD Avengers representing more than 60 countries, so the squad needs your help to reach their ambitious goal. Whether you are living with PD, or a family member, friend, or neighbor, if you care about getting more attention, research, and awareness for Parkinson’s, you can be a PD Avenger too. The PD Avengers make it clear that they do not fundraise, and they are not a charity, but a collective of voices for change! 

This April, the PD Avengers are working on a campaign to get the United Nations to formally recognize and observe World Parkinson’s Day and World Parkinson’s Week. They are calling on all of us to write the United Nations, and have provided a letter template to get started. PMD Alliance has submitted our organization’s support, will you write your own personal letter? 

If you missed it live, PMD Alliance hosted some of the founding members of the PD Avengers on Neuro Life Online last year. Watch the replay to hear their stories and learn more about the conception of this mighty group.  

Ready to don your cape and become a PD Avenger yourself? Visit their website at https://www.pdavengers.com/become-a-pd-avenger today!

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