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CPDC™ Certified Residential and Care Community – Year Two


Last year, Lorien Encore at Turf Valley in Ellicott City, Maryland earned its first annual CPDC™ (Certified Parkinson Disease Care) accreditation from PMD Alliance. When it was time to renew their certification, Lindsay Robey, Assisted Living Admissions Director, once again took the lead to coordinate and assure that over 80% of their total staff of 170 had attended the required two one-hour CPDC training sessions.

“Being certified through the CPDC™ has been one of our greatest accomplishments. Lorien has a Care Forward philosophy and we are always looking for new innovative ways to care for those who may need it. We recognize that the Parkinsons community is underserved and very deserving of specialized and focused care” says Robey. “We were honored to be able to work with CPDC™ PMD Alliance to obtain this certification and to offer the services needed to meet the specific needs of a wonderful population of people with PD and their support system.”

CPDC™ (Certified Parkinson Disease Care) accreditation assures that no matter when or where a resident or patient is at Lorien Encore, there are staff members who understand their needs and can deliver assistance related to the most important elements of good daily care.

As a PMD Alliance program resource, CPDC™ is designed to train entire staffs at residential and long-term care facilities about the motor and non-motor symptoms of PD and care issues. It emphasizes the need for all staff to understand, notice, anticipate, and react thoughtfully to various aspects of the disease, including medication management, fall risk reduction, swallowing, a safe sleep environment, cognitive and emotional changes, and more.

While most individuals living in private homes are more likely to think of PMD Alliance as a live and online resource for information in their area (support groups, therapy and exercise programs, etc.), we also provide staff education, resources, and support designed to benefit people residing in communities offering assisted living and skilled nursing care – like Lorien Encore.

We know that when a person with PD lives in a residential care community, it’s not enough to have a few people on staff who know about Parkinson’s. Our CPDC™ goal is to assure that no matter where a resident or patient is on the site and at any time, there are staff people who understand and can deliver compassionate, appropriate and timely assistance, regardless of their job description.

Lorien Encore at Turf Valley embraces that goal with us, and we applaud their commitment and dedication.

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We’re always happy to talk about ways we can help people with Parkinson’s and movement disorders and those who care for them. If you live or work in a long-term care facility or with a care service and would like to know more about CPDC, please contact Judy Talley, Director, CPDC, at

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