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As vaccination rates climb and COVID restrictions relax, you may be looking for an in-person support group or exercise group in your town. PMD Alliance has a mobile app to help! Check out PD&Me for iOS and Android. PD&Me allows users to search Parkinson’s-specific support groups and exercise groups directly from their smartphone.

“The best part about it is that I can take it with me wherever I go. It’s smart enough to know where I am so it pulls things up for me, but I can also change my location to help my friends find classes near them,” says Roger Jenkins of Indiana. Roger is living with Parkinson’s and thrives on the connections the PMD Alliance community and the mobile app offer. “There are great resources! Support groups, exercise groups for standing or sitting, boxing classes, you can even find movement disorder specialists.”

Research shows that people with Parkinson’s who exercise and form social connections have better health outcomes. PD&Me makes it easier for people living with and caring for those with movement disorders to stay active and connected – all at the tip of your finger! With PD&Me, users can:

  1. Find support groups for people with Parkinson’s, care partners, and adult children
  2. Find Parkinson’s-specific exercise, movement and wellness classes
  3. Search both virtual and in-person groups
  4. Connect to additional resources to find a movement disorder specialist, medication assistance, educational programs, and more!

Download the app for free today on iOS and Android.

And if you run a support group or exercise group, email us at and we will list your group and help send new attendees your way!

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