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There was a time when Sinemet was the single medication for Parkinson’s, but thankfully that has changed over the years. Now, however, there is the challenge of so many medications and treatments for various symptoms that it is overwhelming to try to keep up.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to know more about a medication your specialist has prescribed? Or whether a treatment or medication might be right to address your symptoms? PMD Alliance has developed a resource page on our website to help you with just those questions and more.

The Treatment Options page allows you to review information about any FDA-approved medication for Parkinson’s. You can find out what a specific medication is for plus how it is designed to work. You can even view a short video prepared by one of our movement disorder specialists that tells you more about it.

We didn’t forget about the surgical options – there are surgical treatments available for Parkinson’s as well as for Essential Tremor and Dystonia. Those are listed and, just like for medications, you can review the information on those specific treatments as well as watch a short video on them.

Maybe one of the most difficult things we all deal with in regard to medications is insurance coverage and assistance. This can be frustrating for you, your loved ones and even for your specialist. While we don’t have a magic potion to make those situations go away, we do have links to the different assistance programs, some that are independent, and some that are treatment-specific, that will provide contact information and steps to take. Advocacy is important to PMD Alliance, so we will always be adding things to this resource that will assist you and your care team.

We know that the time you spend with your specialist is often too brief, and it is difficult to absorb all the details in the moment. That’s why we developed this resource so you have the ability to revisit any of this information at your convenience and as many times as you want. You can also direct your family members to this web page so they can be more informed about what is included in your treatment plan.

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