Congratulations to Bella Vita - A CPDC™ Accredited Home - PMD Alliance

When assisted living facilities go through our Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ (CPDC™) trainings, it sends a message to the community that they are committed to taking optimal care of their PD residents. For residents and their families, this expertise is reassuring and can provide great comfort when considering moving a loved one.  

In fact, we recently shared on Facebook that Bella Vita Assisted Living in Phoenix, AZ became a Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ Facility and a care partner saw that post and set up an appointment to tour the facility for her husband.  

We know that this training is valuable not just for the facilities but for the families of people living with Parkinson’s!  

As Laura Cohen, Executive Director of Bella Vita explained, “Bella Vita Assisted Living is so excited to have recently earned CPDC™ certification through PMD Alliance. By achieving this certification, we are demonstrating our commitment to caring for people in our home with Parkinson’s and all of their unique needs. We truly believe that this sets us apart from other facilities because all our staff has a deep understanding of the needs of our residents who have Parkinson’s disease.” 

Offering daily care in an attractive home-like setting designed to comfortably accommodate 10 residents, Bella Vita eagerly embraced PMD Alliance’s CPDC™ program. All staff members attended two hours of CPDC™ training to learn about the quality of life and daily care issues that people with Parkinson’s encounter. And because CPDC™ exclusively recognizes only facilities willing to train their entire staff to know about PD, this certification heralds a commitment to excellence in care, assuring residents that staff members caring for them know about PD and how to provide compassionate, conscientious care. 

To learn more about Bella Vita Assisted Living at Las Palmaritas, visit their website: 

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