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Dear friend, 

These summer days I find myself reflecting on that word: friend.

When I was young, my friendships were sparked by moments of curiosity. I remember putting pennies on the train tracks behind a buddy’s house and eating ice cream while we watched them get smashed. Sharing little thrills and simple pleasures was more than enough to base a friendship on. 

As we get older, friendships become more complex, more dynamic, but oh-so-much-more important. Young ones envy us because adults get to make all of the decisions, and have all the power, but each decision comes with the pressure of weighing consequences and taking responsibility no matter what comes. 

Friends are safe havens, sounding boards, and fountains of shared knowledge. They are the place where support can be found when we need it most and sometimes, without even having to ask. 

At PMD Alliance, we are so grateful for the friendships we have created with you and do not use the word friend lightly. We know living with a movement disorder is challenging, and we are honored to be with you on your journey. To be here as you make those tough choices, support you when things go sideways, and help you get back up and do it all over again. 

Since friendship is a two-way street, we want to share with you some updates and behind-the-scenes things that have been going on at PMD Alliance as we continue to evolve and better support you. Our hope is that as we evolve together, we continue to address the needs you have, no matter how you are impacted by a movement disorder. 

This month, we want to share some updates, some additions to our staff, as well as shine a light on some resources we have been working on for you. 

If you have feedback, questions or concerns, we want to hear from you, friend. 

Thank you for letting us share in your journey.  And if you just want to eat mint chocolate chip and hang out by the train tracks, I’m still here for that too. 


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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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