To The Friends We've Lost - PMD Alliance

The past 16 months have been heavy with loss. It feels, at times, that every mail cycle brings another funeral notice, and every casual chat includes a “did you know who passed?” shock. There seems an ever-growing list of smiles we will never get to see again. Pandemic restrictions have meant that many of us have not been able to take part in memorial services of friends and community members.

To mourn those we have lost, and honor the memories they leave behind, PMD Alliance is creating a tribute to the friends who have passed away. If you would like to add a name, a memory, a photo, or anything at all, we would love to hear from you.

Call us at (800) 256-0966, and we’ll take your message, or after business hours, leave us a voicemail recording. Tell us who you miss and what they mean to you, or just share a first name or nickname. Text us the same at (520) 664-4137, or email us at . You can share a name, a picture, a story – anything that you would like to share to celebrate the memory of someone now gone.

They say grief shared is grief lessened. So, to you, our friends in this journey, we invite you to let us share in your grief.

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