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When I joined the PMD Alliance team earlier this year, I was instantly impressed by the team’s ability to identify a need and move on it. Each movement disorder is unique. Each person’s journey with a movement disorder or in supporting a loved one is unique. As a group of individuals that make up the PMD Alliance team, we all bring distinctive experiences and backgrounds to the organization.  

And like our personal journeys, our professional ones are fluid and change as we identify needs as an organization.  

We are pleased to announce that Andrea Merriam, formerly PMD Alliance’s Vice President of Community Engagement, has now moved into the role of Executive Vice President. Andrea has been with the organization for 3 years, but it feels like much more. 

“When I first met Sarah and got to know the PMD Alliance team and culture, the creativity, passion, and authenticity hit me like gale force winds, and I knew I wanted to make this my professional home.  Finally, a company that didn’t just have innovation as a value on a poster somewhere but lived and breathed the risk-taking and envelope-pushing that true innovation requires.”  As Executive Vice President, Andrea will oversee PMD Alliance’s operations, relying on her hard-wired empathy and refined communication skills to develop connections, partnerships and relationships across our numerous stakeholder groups.  

“We are thrilled to have Andrea in this leadership role. As we continue to grow as an organization, with the sincere intention to serve more people, having a focus on our strategy and voice, our growth and relationships with partners and community organizations will help us reach those goals while maintaining a clear connection to our mission and values,” says Sarah Jones, PMD Alliance CEO.  

Joining Andrea on this journey to educate and support people impacted by movement disorders are also five new members of the PMD Alliance team:

Lianna Marie – Manager, Digital Engagement 

Kelly Merkel – Coordinator, Online Programs  

Susan Miller – Director, Medical Network 

Julie Perlin – Program Liaison 

Jason Rivera – Executive Liaison 

Alissa Taylor – Manager, Program Delivery

The continued growth of our organization is a direct reflection of the support of our partners, donors, Ambassadors and friends who share our mission to provide opportunities for people to learn, live more fully and spark meaningful connections around them. 

Thank you for your belief in your mission. We look forward to continued growth together. 

Learn more about what the new staff bring to PMD Alliance and, most importantly, to you!




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