Repeat Setbacks for PD Patients and Why Advocacy Matters - PMD Alliance

You finally find a movement disorder specialist you’re comfortable with. You agree to start a handful of medications and you’re beginning to wrap your head around your diagnosis. And then mid-treatment, your insurance denies a refill. Or your first visit to the pharmacy costs an exorbitant amount out of pocket. Sound familiar?


If you’ve experienced any of these challenges, you’re not alone and there is hope – YOU are it.


Insurance Reauthorization

Currently, getting insurance coverage for FDA-approved medications that treat Parkinson’s symptoms such as PD psychosis often requires prior authorization. That means to continue the medication, patients and providers may face reauthorization every few months. Your condition doesn’t go away but you constantly must prove you have it. Oftentimes, patients run out of medication during that back-and-forth and the anxiety and stress can worsen symptoms. But with a little direction, you can make your voice heard and help advocate for changes in the system.


The Alliance for Patient Access is made up of health-care providers who are patient-centered with a mission to promote a better understanding of the benefits of the physician-patient relationship in the provision of quality health care. They offer avenues for patients to advocate for themselves on certain issues, including topics like insurance reauthorization. Join them in making sure policymakers across the country hear the voices of patients and health care providers.


Seniors Prescription Drug Relief Act

Older adults are especially at risk of feeling the financial burden of expensive treatments and prescriptions. The Medicare Part D program currently does not cap what seniors must pay out-of-pocket for their prescriptions, which means many older adults can face difficulties affording the care that they need.


Your support of the bill S. 2327 would put into place a yearly out-of-pocket cap to make it easier for patients to afford the treatments they need.


Contact your Senator today and make a difference in the lives of patients just like you.

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