In One Community Member’s Words: Why We Gather - PMD Alliance

“Even though we are all unique, no one needs to feel alone.”

When Perry Heilman, who’s living with PD, first heard Sarah Jones speak with people at an assisted living facility, he knew this was the community he wanted to be part of. “I connected my mind and heart with PMD Alliance from day one,” he told me. He felt it; there was a spark.

For the past six years, we at PMD Alliance have embodied resilience because of people like Perry and because of you. Together, as Perry says, we have pulled each other up, provided loving support, endless programs and resources, and connection.

And it’s that connection that holds us together, through celebrations and hard times. Together, we’re showing up. We’re listening. We’re learning. And we’re keeping it real. “There is no question that PD sucks,” Perry says. In fact, this last year has shown us a lot about how hard it can be and what it takes to keep going. But we have leaned on each other, stepping into new territory together as you’ve met us online with hundreds of new virtual programs. Even Zoom, Perry says, while not quite like getting an old-fashioned hug, has become a place for us to gather and share smiles or tears or exercise classes, to share real conversations no matter what.

As best we can and through it all, we’ve got each other’s backs.

The truth about living with a movement disorder? It’s not easy, Perry says, and PMD Alliance is not here to sugarcoat it. “Your symptoms may not disappear,” but something else will shift: together, as we gather to learn and live more fully, “the way you look at yourself will change.” And that matters.

“You are not alone,” Perry reminds us and we wholeheartedly agree. “Come thrive with us!”

We invite you to join Perry and others in our online communities, where you can build connections and support from those walking a similar path.

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