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I know that being a care partner is about digging beneath the surface, about calling on previously invisible reserves of strength, understanding, and patience. That’s why, at PMD Alliance, we go deep and we get real with care partners: we understand the complexity of it, the grief, the worry, the uncertainty, the gratitude, the hope—the whole wave of feelings a person experiences when they love someone with a chronic disease.

When we build programs for care partners and adult children, we offer depth and seek to address the issues that are most perplexing and most matter to you. Do you know the MANY programs and services we offer for you? If not – take a look.

Care partners know better than most the power of returning to gratitude as an offering of self-care and collective care while never losing sight of the challenges—how do we uplift our spirits and hold steady to hope while still reckoning with the hard daily realities of this disease? All of this is what I see when I speak with a care partner: I see you walking this journey through highs and lows, unwavering in your commitment from one season to the next.

To each of you, thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to let me and PMD Alliance see you fully on this journey and to walk alongside you.

With gratitude,

Sarah Jones

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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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