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While the holiday season is known for its cheer, the stress of shopping, gathering, traveling, or facing loss or loneliness this time of year is real. Jordan Staenberg, OTD, OTR/L, C-IAYT, the owner of Mindful Occupational Therapy (MindfulOT) in Phoenix, created this peaceful 7-minute meditation just for us, guiding you gently through the ups and downs of the season. Give yourself a few quiet moments to listen and savor some calm time for you.

Jordan introduces the meditation in the video below:

Listen to the meditation:

About Dr. Staenberg:

Jordan Staenberg, OTD, OTR/L, C-IAYT, (doctor of occupational therapy and certified yoga therapist) owns and operates Mindful Occupational Therapy (MindfulOT) in the Phoenix, AZ area, where she focuses full-time on client-centered care. She teaches people with Parkinson disease how to self-regulate their nervous system, empowering them to confidently take control of their symptoms and build rapid resilience to fluctuations. Her method includes the ancient practices of yoga and applications of positive psychology and embodied mindfulness. Dr. Staenberg is also certified in Yoga Nidra, a deep meditative practice for achieving optimal wellness. She has been teaching yoga for a variety of health conditions including classes specific to Parkinson disease since 2010. Dr. Staenberg helps her clients change their experience of living with Parkinson’s disease using techniques informed by current scientific research supporting the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in improving life-satisfaction, positive affect, and reducing stress and anxiety.


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