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As the days get shorter and the trees begin to shed their leaves and hibernate, I find myself turning inward and taking stock. I am humbled by everything we, personally and collectively, have held up and moved through this year. Humbled by the times we have softened and allowed ourselves to flow with the changes. Humbled by the times we have fought hard for who and what matters most, including ourselves.

Collectively, we have persevered. After the longest stretch of time apart, we began to gather together safely, again, rediscovering just how buoying it is to look into the eyes of our peers and share laughter and advice and good company. We are already imagining and bringing to life more chances to come together in the new year. Connection and optimism is on the horizon.

The end of the year is also about the joy of family, of beloved rituals, of finding light in darkness. While it is the season of cheer, many of us still carry grief in our hearts for loved ones lost or more invisible losses, like the changes that come with PD. If you’re feeling lonely or grieving or just having a rainy day, I see you. We are here if you need a listening ear or helping hand.

My new year’s wish for us all is that we find moments of abiding calm or sudden revelations when gratitude overwhelms and fills us – even through life’s challenges, we are reignited by awe.

As we look to the horizon, I feel filled knowing that we step towards it together.

With gratitude,

Sarah Jones

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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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