Top 10 Parkinson’s Holiday Gift Guide - PMD Alliance

Tis the season for spreading love – and, yes, shopping for gifts! Did you know every Amazon package delivered to your door could make a difference at no cost to you? When you select Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance as your AmazonSmile charity of choice, a portion of every purchase you make will be donated to us, effortlessly bolstering our mission. So we asked our team to pull out all the stops and recommend their best Amazon gifts for people with PD and their loved ones. May our recommendations spice up your wish list or inspire your gift-giving.

  1. Shannon, Manager, In Sync!® Network, recommends: Rob Barteletti – Tremors: From the Shakers’ Sessions., a PMD Alliance community member and person with PD, created a great album for people with PD.
  2. Maureen, VP, Advancement, recommends: Kizik Shoes. She calls them “super cool” shoes with the added bonus of independence. They’re stylish, easy to slip on, and have faux laces giving them a classic look.
  3. Andrea, Executive VP, recommends: Vobaga Coffee Warmer. Andrea says, “For care partners always getting pulled in a million directions, this will keep your coffee warm all day long.”
  4. Rebecca, Associate VP, Operations, recommends: Apple Watch. According to this study an Apple Watch can track Parkinson’s symptoms!
  5. Margie, Director, Strategic Relationships, recommends: Adaptive Clothing from Tommy Hilfiger with Magnetic Buttons. It unites fashion with ease!
  6. Debbie, Director, Community Engagement, recommends: A puppy! Well, not quite. While Amazon can deliver almost anything to your door, they haven’t quite mastered live puppy delivery. But Debbie insists, “Everyone needs a puppy.” So how about this, just for fun?
  7. Rachel, Manager, Community Network, recommends: Smart Bidet. “It may not exactly be Christmas-themed,” Rachel teases, but “it’s the gift of independence.”
  8. Andrea, Executive VP, recommends: Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. Tis the season for warm, nourishing, cinnamon-infused drinks – and Andrea thinks we all could use a soothing break to sip something good. “I’m hooked on it,” she said.
  9. Brian McElwain, our YOPD Online Community facilitator, is a huge pickleball fan, so he recommends: HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Set. Because exercise has neuroprotective benefits!
  10. Ashley, Coordinator, Digital Media recommends: Not everyone on the staff could let us get away with only Amazon picks. reminds us to support independent bookstores like her NY favorite, Strand Books, where it’s easy to get lost in the (virtual) stacks.

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