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We have crossed the threshold into a new year, and there is much to celebrate. At PMD Alliance, we celebrate all we endured last year, individually and collectively. We celebrate realizing we are stronger than we think, braver than we knew, and more loved and supported than we previously imagined. We celebrate the honor of having the privilege of riding the waves of a movement disorder with you.  

We have big hopes for 2022. Community is on the horizon. This year, we will gather with you in over 30 in-person programs in cities and towns across the country, getting to look into each other’s eyes, spark insights with experts, and enrich our connections. We’ll bring together doctors, researchers, advanced practice providers, fellows, general neurologists and other allied health professionals in a first-of-its-kind conference in partnership with Georgetown Movement Disorder Center in Washington, D.C., where we’ll foster robust discussions among colleagues about the latest and most innovative trends in the treatment of movement disorders. Pplifting people living with Parkinson disease and other movement disorders means empowering those who take care of them, too.  

We believe support groups are at the core of our community and what continues to set us apart is our steadfast commitment to equipping group leaders with the knowledge and resources they need to serve. In the fall of 2022, we’ll host a national Support Group Leader summit, bringing together community and support group leaders from across the country to learn from each other and reignite their inspiration.  

My personal hope for each of you navigating a movement disorder in 2022, whether you’re a care partner, adult child, or living with the disease, is that you treat yourself with kindness and remember the wholeness of who you are, beyond a diagnosis. I see you. 

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Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
CEO, PMD Alliance

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