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“Our bodies relax and our spirits lift when we connect in genuine friendship and love. Strong personal relationships not only add joy and meaning to our lives, but they have positive effects on our health, mood, and performance.”  

Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General


The reason connection feels so good is because it’s wired into our DNA: our bodies respond positively to the nourishing vibes of community.  

When you think of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, community may not immediately spring to mind. But by investing partnership dollars in organizations like PMD Alliance, these companies go beyond manufacturing treatments, and are investing in building community. 

Gathering with friends, partners, and experts at our Pensacola Refresh!™ event.

Every personal donation we receive fuels us and makes us stronger: every step we take is in tandem with generous individuals who align their resources, no matter how little or how much, with their deepest values. That’s powerful. And every industry dollar of support is fuel for our vision and our programs, too. Our annual partners and their sponsorships are key to tackling the biggest barriers facing people impacted by a movement disorder. 

The Impact of Isolation 

The past two years have been a profound test of the human spirit and human body’s ability to endure loneliness. The COVID pandemic meant that many of us couldn’t find refreshment in the company of those we love, missing out on the milestones of our children and grandchildren, missing out on hugs from those we care about the most, missing out on exercise classes, in-person support groups, and even weekly trips to the grocery store. We are still processing the impacts.

In an interview about her work understanding the effects of COVID-era social restrictions on people with Parkinson’s, Jori Fleischer, MD, MSCE, a movement disorders neurologist at Rush University Medical Center, said, “Social isolation can have an interplay with depression, which is the single biggest predictor of quality of life in Parkinson disease.”

Isolation has left too many of us reeling, particularly impacting motor and nonmotor symptoms in people with PD. 

Investing in Community 

Our annual partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries aren’t only investing in research and treatments to fundamentally improve the lives of people with movement disorders; they’re investing in connection.  

We’re headed back into the community this year, traveling to towns and cities across the country. We’re bringing dynamic, engaging, top-notch movement disorder experts to you. We’re feeling the endorphin-kick of moving together in unison during our in-person Therapy Breaks™. And we’re creating opportunities for you to spark connections, laugh, and share experiences with your peers, face-to-face.  

These events are powerful. But they’re not without cost. Our partners invest in our mission, fueling us to cultivate community. At our events across the country, you’ll see their exhibit tables, their literature, and the smiling faces of their employees, ready to share information.  They are present in partnership, investing in PMD Alliance, and investing in you. 

Toward a More Connected Future 

Hand-in-hand with our partners, we’re spreading the healing power of connection. Together, we’re working to make sure every person with a movement disorder lives life fully—and surrounded by the care, support, and love of community. 

Thank you to our 2022 Annual Partners for your support of our model, our programs, and our community.

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