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“Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.” 
-George Macdonald 

Dear friends, 

We enter this new season with delight at the deep sense of trust that we share: you have entrusted us to witness your stories and listen to your needs—and transform them into empowering education and buoying community resources. And we trust in you to share what matters most, to show your commitment to your community as support group members and leaders, and as active participants in Neuro Life Online® and in-person programs. We trust that, together, we can cultivate resilience, community, and joy.  

We also enter this new season with an enduring sense of trust in our team and our vision. We are at an inflection point as PMD Alliance grows into maturity and a firm commitment to shared leadership and collaboration.  

You may have noticed that this letter is penned by an unexpected hand: formerly our Executive Vice President, I have stepped in as Acting CEO. I remain ready to listen, loyal to our clear vision, and ready to embrace innovation as we continue to grow to support and collaborate with all members of the Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem© that surrounds a person with Parkinson’s or other movement disorder. In this role, I’m asked to fill big shoes: our Founding CEO, Sarah Jones, has temporarily stepped back for a medical leave, which will give her the dedicated time she needs to recuperate and return ready to dive into our exciting lineup of programs and conferences.  

We have a committed, compassionate team that leans into their strengths and collaborates with care and clarity. We trust in each other. This is why we know we’ll move through this new stage of our journey with the same resilience you’ve shown us.

Collectively, we’re sending our love and well-wishes to Sarah. We know she’s by our side through all of it, just as we’re by hers. 

Hands in teamwork

P.S. We trust in the power of your voices. Raising Parkinson’s awareness is about more than PD facts; your stories are at the heart of spreading understanding. Stay tuned this month as we embrace courageous conversations for Parkinson’s Awareness Month by sharing your “wishes”what you wish family members, neighbors, other people with PD or care partners, and healthcare providers knew about Parkinson’s.  

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Andrea Merriam
Acting CEO, PMD Alliance

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