8 Reasons Nurses Are Amazing for People with PD - PMD Alliance

“The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest.” —Dr. William Osler, Canadian physician and founder of Johns Hopkins University 

Not all angels have wings…some have scrubs. Nurses are the beating heart of every medical team. They guide us and care for us through some of our most difficult moments, and they eagerly celebrate the little victories by our sides.  

Nurses are regularly voted the most trusted profession, even above medical doctors, because their compassion is valued just as much as their skills and knowledge.  

It’s National Nurses Week. Have you thanked a nurse? If you need a reason to express your gratitude, we’ve got 8:  

1. Nurses listen to you.

Nurses take the time to ask the questions that matter to you and to get to know you and your loved ones. They understand that each patient with a movement disorder isn’t the same and that each person experiences PD symptoms differently. They don’t offer a one-sized-fits-all approach because they know you deserve tailored care that honors who you are and what you value most.  


2. Nurses are team players.

They believe in a well-rounded approach to care that will best support their patients. They’ll often make referrals to other professionals, such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and social workers, or even self-help groups, and they support communication and collaboration between different therapeutic professionals. They know we’re stronger together.  


3. Nurses are on the frontlines of care.

They’re the first line of defense, often the first to spot symptoms and to be in the trenches with you. They even keep an eye on loved ones, offering counsel, self-care options, and they monitor care partner stress.  


4. Nurses are calm under pressure.

They stay cool in challenging circumstances and offer plenty of time for those in their care to move, or speak, or use the restroom. They make us feel supported and safe.  

5. Nurses aren’t afraid to work hard.

They’re willing to get their hands dirty and do everything it takes to help us recover, heal, and thrive.  


6. Bedside manner is their specialty.

Through their patients’ pain, sleep trouble, depression, anxiety, cognitive challenges, and more, nurses show up with kindness and top-notch people skills.  


7. Nurses educate and encourage us.

They’re experts at dishing out constructive criticism that makes us want to do what’s best for us. They’ll encourage exercise, proper diet, and help us understand our medication so we’re taking it on time, every time.  


8. Nurses are creative, flexible, and always learning.

Medicine is constantly evolving, requiring nurses to familiarize themselves with new techniques, procedures, medications, and devices. Not only do they have to become comfortable with their own knowledge of these innovations, but they’re committed to educating patients on them, too.  

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