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“Being heard is so close to being loved that to the average person, they are indistinguishable.” David Augsburger

A few weeks ago, 175 of my now closest friends gathered in Washington, DC for the All In Community + Support Group Leader Summit. We laughed, we learned, we danced, and we listened. Dancing’s grand, and laughter does wonders for the neurotransmitters, but what truly moved me was all the listening.

The above quote was shared by Robert Cochrane during his keynote and captures both what was magical about the All In Summit, plus how we can keep that magic going.

To listen deeply is to give a gift, and to be heard, the quote asserts, is love. Whether with family, at boxing class, the grocery checkout, or support group, how can we give more of that gift, and open our ears and minds to others? I, and the entire team at PMD Alliance, commit to being here to actively listen to you. We hold space for you to share your truths, whether sunny or dark, everyday or profound. We are here to see you, to hear you, and to be here for you.

With open ears,

Andrea Merriam

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