The Spirit of the Holidays - PMD Alliance

Each time you, as one of our community members, make a gift, we thank you for the passion, soul, and spirit you give to support our work. And, if you haven’t made a gift in 2022, we invite you to do so today! 

When I joined PMD Alliance in 2018, we had just a handful of dedicated donors who believed in our work and made gifts without an ask! Five years later, our donor community, like our programs, has grown thanks to your help. Three years ago, thanks to a group of dedicated donors, we launched our first annual October Birthday Month match and also our Impact Partner monthly giving program. We also created our Legacy Circle, celebrating those leaving a legacy by remembering PMD Alliance in their estate.  

Today, we have community members who celebrate PMD Alliance by creating fundraising campaigns on Facebook and even donating cars through our car donation program! This past year we held a silent auction at the ALL IN Leadership Summit in DC for support group leaders, and one of our dedicated supporters held a Wine Event in Madison, WI! All of your fundraising efforts help keep PMD Alliance thriving as we continue to build programs designed to help people navigate the joy and challenges that come with living with a movement disorder.  

One of our community members recently wrote, “I feel so fortunate to have found PMD Alliance; the dedication and compassion they provide through their patient and caregiver education are unlike any other Parkinson’s organization. PMD Alliance has truly been a lifesaver for us!” I, too, am grateful for my team members, for you, for our Physician Advisors and Advance Practice Providers, and others. Your support helps me as I support my Mom, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2019, navigate her movement disorder journey. 

As we near the final days of 2022, we keep in mind all those we love and all those who have departed, and we invite you to help keep the PMD Alliance vision thriving.  Here are some ways you can make a difference today: 

  • Make a gift of any size! 
  • Become an Impact Partner by making a monthly gift of $15 or more.  
  • If you are 70.5 or older, make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA, to decrease your taxable income. 
  • Make a gift from your donor-advised fund or family foundation to decrease your tax burden. 
  • Give the gift of stock and avoid paying taxes on your gains.

No matter how you choose to give, you’ll make a direct and meaningful impact to support those living with a movement disorder. Every penny you invest is an investment in you and your community, and, as Andrea wrote in her recent letter, every gift wraps someone in a hug. 

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