Staff Choice: Our Favorite Holiday Movies - PMD Alliance

One of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is to binge-watch as many holiday movies as possible. We’re all aware of the classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street as much as anyone, but watching the same movies every year can get tiring. That’s why our staff recommends some unusual or underrated holiday movies—great flicks that may not immediately come to mind.

PMD Alliance staff shares our favorite non-traditional movies…and even a book! These range from silly adult comedies to action/ adventure to even horror – and while none of them resembles a typical holiday movie, they all embody that traditional festive spirit.  

  1. Andrea – March of the Penguins  
  2. Anissa – The Nightmare Before Christmas 
  3. Calissa – Four Christmases 
  4. Clemie – Gremlins 
  5. Eden – Love Actually 
  6. Jason – Die Hard 
  7. Julie – Plains, Trains and Automobiles 
  8. Kelly M. – The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley (Book) 
  9. Kelly P. – Scrooged 
  10. Maureen – Sleepless in Seattle 
  11. Phil – Trading Spaces 
  12. Rebecca – Edward Scissorhands 
  13. Regan – While You Were Sleeping 
  14. Sarah – Elf

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