2022 PMD Alliance Awards - PMD Alliance

Because it’s Award Season, we’d like to give out some awards too!

PMD Alliance acknowledges and loves everyone who supports our mission and community. However, some individuals and organizations achieved all-star status in 2022, and we want to give them a HUGE shout-out! Thank you for committing your time and excellence to PMD Alliance!

Highest Program Attendance

Judy Reynolds

State With Most Program Attendance


Highest In-Sync!® Attendance

Roger Jenkins

Most Partnered With Organization

LSVT Global

Most Partnered With Healthcare Professional

Ramon Gil, MD

Top Support Group Leader

Mary Jane Berry

Most CPDC Trained Staff

Sun Valley Lodge Retirement Community

Top Care Partner Connect Engagers

Ruth Insley & Sharon Austin

Top Social Media Engager

Dr. Indu Subramanian

Community With Most Added PD Services

Pensacola, FL

Most Partnered With Movement Break Specialist

Robert J. Bibeau, DOM

Top PMD Alliance Ambassador

Perry Heilman

Thank you to our PMD Alliance community for your continued support!

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