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At our first Advanced Therapeutics in Movement & Related Disorders (ATMRD) Congress in 2022, we dove into advanced clinical science with a sold-out crowd of healthcare providers from 46 states who work across the Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem©—neurologists, movement disorder specialists, speech therapists, nurse practitioners, residents, fellows, physician assistants, social workers, and more. 

Throughout the Congress, healthcare providers shared and learned, gaining knowledge that they have since taken back to their clinics with them. This matters. Every pearl of wisdom they gleaned will impact real people living with a movement disorder. Behind every scientific innovation, every latest-and-greatest therapy and medication they discussed, are real faces.

Clinicians from across the Ecosystem© sat down to tell us their stories and the stories of their patients. They shared not only the ways they’re working tirelessly to care for their patients, but the ways their patients have impacted them.  

There was the nurse practitioner in Little Rock, Arkansas, whose patients raised her up when her son died, carrying her through every day. There was the neurologist who brought his son, a new resident, to the conference, ready to pass on the skills of caring to the next generation. There was the industry rep who said the best part of his job is hearing the ways his company’s therapeutics change people’s lives, like the care partner who told him she and her husband always loved to dance until his OFF time became overwhelming. By using an advanced therapeutic from his company, they’ve brushed off their dancing shoes again and spend time salsa dancing together. 

We brought with us our “Courageous Conversations” board, which was filled with wishes—wishes from people living with the disease, their family members, and care partners—of what they want others to know about navigating a movement disorder. Healthcare providers took the time to read them, hearing your voices and experiences, and then they wrote down their own. Here are a few of the many wishes they recorded:  

“I wish you knew it makes us so happy to be able to help you.” 

“I wish you knew that you inspire us to treat you and grow with you.” 

“I wish you knew that I care and that I would not do for you what I wouldn’t do for my own dad who has Parkinson’s.” 

“I wish you knew that Parkinson’s is just a part of you. It is not ALL of you.” 

Not only does ATMRD educate, uplift, and inspire healthcare providers in movement disorders across the nation in, it brings each network in the Ecosystem© closer together. Your voices shine through, bringing the heart of your experiences to clinicians. In 2022, wishes were shared and exchanged. In 2023, ATMRD welcomed voices of those with impacted by Parkinson’s in-person to the conversation and to the stage. Individuals like our ambassadors Lori Deporter, who wrote an article reflecting on her experiences at the ATMRD and gave an interview with Neurology Live, or Eric Aquino of Gray Strong Foundation, with whom we’re partnering on an upcoming event in Bethlehem, PA on April 13. These perspectives and partnerships are essential to our mission and the goal of ATMRD.

This is why PMD Alliance is hosting our third ATMRD Congress in collaboration with Georgetown MedStar University Hospital this June—to continue to foster connection and inspire providers like Mary Carol Reeder, from La Jolla, California, who shared with us at our last Congress: “I haven’t felt so excited to be a nurse practitioner in a very long time!” 

It is only when we’re working in alignment with each other, with all voices seen and heard, that we can continue to propel the movement disorders field forward. It is only when we sit with one another that we can truly serve the needs of our community. 

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