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Parkinson & Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance announces the launch of the Medication Access Consortium. Created to address the many obstacles that arise for both prescribers and patients when accessing new medications, the Consortium is made up of representatives from a broad section of the movement disorder community. 

“In today’s healthcare landscape, starting a new medication is not as easy as your physician giving you a prescription,” said Andrea Merriam, PMD Alliance’s CEO. “Between your doctor deciding on a treatment and you having it in hand, there are many leakage points that are not yet well documented nor addressed. PMD Alliance will gather where these roadblocks occur and use the collective knowledge of the Consortium to analyze and create informed solutions.” 

The Consortium consists of people representing each of the Movement and Disorder Ecosystem networks, including those living with the disease, care partners, physicians, advance practice providers, other advocacy organizations, and members of the medical device and biopharmaceutical communities.  

“Convening diverse members will allow us to surface the underlying challenges, synthesize commonalities, and begin to develop solutions,” says Consortium co-chair Sarah Jones. “For years we’ve heard stories around affordability, PBM management, formulary change, navigating prior authorization, and step therapy headaches, and we want to turn these stories to action,” said Jones. 

Meredith Hatcher, PA-C, Texas Movement Disorder Specialists summarizes the core need from her perspective as a clinician, “I know how important it is to highlight issues of access and affordability for my movement disorder patients. There are many great treatment options available today, but we need to ensure every patient has the opportunity to utilize these therapies.”  

For more information on the Medication Access Consortium, or to inquire about joining, please visit: 

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