10 Gifts for People with Parkinson’s, Tremor, and More - PMD Alliance

Do you have someone in your life with a diagnosis that affects their movement? Show them you recognize their lived experiences with a gift that helps them improve their activities of daily living.

Prices below reflect costs at the time of publishing.

Weighted Utensils – $24

People with tremors or rigidity may have extra difficulty using standard utensils, but larger handles and added weight can make it easier for them to grip and maneuver. This set is well rated and has an additional stop at the end of the foam handles to help keep them from slipping, which reviewers said was helpful compared to sets without this feature. However, if you’re looking for something a little more discreet, you might like this slightly more expensive all metal weighted set.

Universal Hand Grip Attachment – 2 for $16

Tremor and rigidity can make handling a variety of things more challenging for someone with these symptoms. These assistive devices are a great pick because the person can add extra support wherever they might need it, without having to replace any of the items they’re accustomed to using.

Toilet Stool – $34

Constipation is an incredibly common symptom of movement-based neurological disorders like Parkinson’s. A toilet stool is designed to raise the feet and help you mimic a more natural squat, making it easier to go. Depending on symptoms, it may also help with getting on and off the toilet more easily. The Squatty Potty brand popularized this product, but we like this option better because it’s more affordable and folds up for easy storage or travelling!

Wireless Keyboard for Mobile Device – $17

Communication and connection is essential for people with movement disorders to maintain their quality of life, but many symptoms can make that challenging. Devices with small buttons with little feedback may prevent people from being able to utilize mobile texting or email to remain in touch with friends and family. A Bluetooth keyboard like the one linked about could help! If you think your loved one might appreciate a more traditional, type-writer feel, check out this slightly more expensive option.

Big, Weighted Pens – $15

Handwriting with tremors or related symptoms is no easy task, but these weighted pens with a larger than average grip can make it easier.

Key Turners – $15

Does the person you’re getting a gift for struggle with small objects, like keys? This isn’t uncommon for people with movement disorders. These key turner aids may help them to grip and turn them effectively.

Jar and Bottle Opener Set – $10

Issues with grip strength, rigidity, and tremor could all make opening jars and bottles more difficult. This set addresses a variety of sizes and types of containers, helping you first to break the vacuum seal that makes many of these products difficult to open, then helping to twist off lids and caps.

Foam Grip Aids – $11

Perhaps the person you’re getting a gift for struggles more with gripping small objects than they do with tremors. Rather than getting weighted alternatives for writing or eating utensils, these slide on grip tubes might do the trick!

Extendable Dressing Aid – $10

Balance challenges, tremors, rigidity, and more can make dressing difficult when you have a movement disorder like Parkinson’s or Essential Tremor. This assistive device could help your gift recipient to overcome these challenges.

Webcam for Zoom Webinars and Groups – $30

Many people might not have a device with a webcam and microphone to fully participate in free, online educational events or support and exercise groups offered by PMD Alliance and our partners. As movement disorder symptoms and their associated stigma can prevent many from leaving their homes regularly, accessing online community and face-to-face connection is imperative.

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