Burden of Tremor in Parkinson Disease Survey - PMD Alliance
Share your experiences with Parkinson disease tremor! Your input will help the greater scientific community learn more about the intricacies and impact of tremor.
This survey is intended for people who have a diagnosis of Parkinson disease who also experience the symptom of tremor (rhythmic shaking back and forth of a body part, such as your hands, legs, or head).
The survey can be completed by either the person living with tremor or by a care partner on their behalf. 
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences!

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This is a collaboration with University of South Florida, Robert Hauser, MD, MBA, FAAN, and PMD Alliance. Responses to this survey are anonymous and cannot be traced back to respondents. No personally identifiable information is requested. Responses are combined and summarized into a report that will be used to inform and improve PMD Alliance programs. The report may also be shared with community partners to improve the treatment and management of movement and related disorders.

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