No More Day-Of Program Emails Starting Feb. 1 - PMD Alliance

You spoke, and we listened.

You said you were receiving an overwhelming amount of emails from us. Therefore, starting February 1st, we will no longer be sending you emails on the day of an online program if you have not registered for it.

As long as you register, you will receive auto-reminders the day before and day of, so register early to ensure you get those emails for programs you want to attend!

To remind you to register, we’ll continue to send you the Weekly Round-Up every Sunday, which highlights every PMD Alliance program for up to 30 days at the bottom. Additionally, you can always visit for a full list of all upcoming programs. 

If you need to get in touch with us about this change, we’re always here to help! But we do ask that you please review these anticipated questions and concerns below first.

How do I attend the program without the day-of email?

That’s easy! You’ll either visit and click “Learn More” beside the program you want to attend, or open your Weekly Round-Up email (mailed every Sunday!) and click the “Register Now” button. Either of these methods will take you to a registration page, where you will enter your information.  
You’ll get a confirmation email within 1-2 minutes after registering with the link to attend the program live. Just click the blue “JOIN THE LIVESTREAM” button at the time of the event. 

Help! I can’t find the email to register/join the program!

If you’re having trouble finding either your Weekly Round-Up or confirmation email, try searching your inbox for You may also want to check your spam or junk folder for emails from us. If you find that our emails are ending up in your junk, add us to your contacts to avoid that in the future. 

I missed a program I wanted to attend because of this change.

Don’t worry! We record most of our programs, so you can watch the replays anytime here: 

The only exception are our emPowered livestreams, which are presented with pharmaceutical industry partners to connect you with information direct from treatment manufacturers. Due to FDA regulations, most of these presentations cannot be recorded.

Why am I still receiving standalone emails about programs?

We’ll still send standalone emails about important programs ahead of time, particularly those that are livestream-only, in order to give you more time to register and plan to attend. For example, our emPowered livestreams are put on with our pharmaceutical industry partners and usually aren’t able to be recorded due to FDA regulations, so we’ll take extra steps to ensure you’re able to join live to get information direct from the manufacturers about treatments that may help you.

I liked the day-of program emails, and I want them back!

Your feedback is essential to us, which is why we are created this survey to better understand what we’re doing that you find the most helpful and what we can offer or improve upon in the future. If the day-of emails are important to you, let us know there! Your responses will be compiled with those of our entire community and will inform our approach moving forward.

Additionally, you will always receive an email reminder the day prior and day of for programs you register for, so if you keep an eye out for our Weekly Round Up email on Sunday, you can register then for things you’re interested in attending and receive reminders as usual.

I’m frustrated with this change! Why can’t you send the day-of emails only to people who want them?

We’re so sorry that this change has disrupted your routine and made it temporarily more challenging for you to join live programs. As you may know, we have a small, dedicated team working to bring these free programs and resources to you in an accessible way, and that means that sometimes we have to shift our focus to ensure that everyone in our Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem© is getting their needs met. 

After feedback from many community members, we decided to shift some focus away from day-of emails to everyone and direct it instead to improving other areas, like rebuilding our website to make it (and the treasure trove of resources, recordings, and events housed within it) easier for everyone to access. After that is complete and we’ve collected comprehensive survey data, including who found the day-of emails valuable, we can strategize on next steps.

In the meantime, you will still receive an email reminder the day prior and day of for programs you register for, so if you keep an eye out for our Weekly Round Up email on Sunday, you can register then for things you’re interested in attending and receive reminders as usual. 

We appreciate your patience with us as we try something new together!

If you want to contact us directly with your thoughts or questions, please email 

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