2023 PMD Alliance Awards - PMD Alliance

Another Award Season, another chance to give out awards to the people in our community!

PMD Alliance acknowledges and loves everyone who supports our mission and community. However, some individuals and organizations achieved all-star status in 2023, and we want to give them a HUGE shout-out! Thank you for committing your time and excellence to PMD Alliance!

Highest Program Attendance

Sheila Smith

State With Most Program Attendance


Highest In-Sync!® Attendance

Lauren Simmons

Highest Saber es Vivir Attendance

Ana Maria Tamayo

Most Partnered With Organization

Davis Phinney Foundation

Most Partnered With Healthcare Professional

Dr. Maria Cristina Ospina

Top Support Group Leader

Isabell Senft-Daniel

Most Ambitious CPDC Advocate

Sherry Vigliotti, Oasis Nursing and Rehabilitation, New York

Top Social Media Engager

Sharon Austin

Community With Most Added PD Services

Annapolis, MD

Most Partnered With Movement Break Specialist

Garden Strong and Polly Caprio from Power for Parkinson’s

Top PMD Alliance Ambassador

Julie Worden

Thank you to our PMD Alliance community for your continued support!

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