Neuro Life Online™

Participation in a personalized health and wellness program that includes physical, social and emotional activities boosts brain health, while regular disease-specific exercise can slow disease progression.

PMDAlliance is dedicated to meeting unmet needs.  PMDAlliance Neuro Life Online™ offers a full continuum of services for people unable to access a local neuro wellness program, those seeking to complement their current attendance at a neuro wellness center,  and individuals unable to access their local center because of other barriers.

PMDAlliance Neuro Life Online™ puts you in real-time touch with people like yourself, healthcare experts, and supportive programs – and provides interactive access from wherever you are. We take a holistic approach, developing all of our programs to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Individuals living near a physical neuro wellness center benefit from being a part of that community, enjoying in-person exercising and socializing opportunities. However, there are only a limited numbers of centers nationwide, leaving many people without a comprehensive continuum of services to meet their exercise, social, and support needs.

Click here to see if a center is available near you.

If you don’t have a center nearby, click here to join the Neuro Life Online™ community today! 

PMDAlliance Neuro Life Online™ is designed to address three essential components of living well with a movement disorder.

Any one component on its own is not sufficient to optimum wellbeing.  That’s why we took the time and care to build a comprehensive program that you can participate in, real time and LIVE.

PMDAlliance’s Neuro Life Online™ provides a comprehensive continuum of programs and services for people impacted by Parkinson disease, Huntington’s disease, and other movement disorders.

Take PMDAlliance’s Neuro Life Online™ with you when you travel. Access it while you live in one location during the winter and move to another location in the summer. Join the programs from communities with limited resources and services, or augment any of the programs you already participate in.  The Neuro Life Online™ community is literally at your fingertip.

Learn More About The Program Components:

Move It! ™ Disease specific exercise live classes offered several times each week. 

Log on to Move It! ™ to join an exercise class specifically designed to meet the needs of your disease in real time. Participate with other online and onsite people engaged in effective Parkinson-specific exercise conducted by a PD trained instructor.

Weekly Wellness – Everyone needs a coach to help be focused, energized, and achieve goals.

Life can get in the way of even our best intentions and plans.  Meet as a group with a coach who can help you stay focused and create the change you want. Weekly Wellness is a time for you to chat with your coach, review your last week, learn some new skills, and make plans for a healthy week ahead!

H2 ™ – Happy Hour online brings you twice monthly social enjoyment. Don’t forget to live!

H2 means Happy Hour. Join us for happy hour on the first and third Wednesday of the month.  Pour yourself something refreshing to drink, then log on and connect with others near and far away! Meet new people, engage in lively conversations and chat about daily events. Social activity boosts brain health and improves quality of life.

Learn It!™ – Let’s face it.  Movement disorders are complicated diseases.

Every quarter, Learn It!™ provides a web-based education and discussion session featuring a neurologist and movement disorder specialist (MDS). These physicians, all experts who partner with PMDAlliance for your benefit, conduct interactive educational sessions with time for Q&A focused on various aspects of movement disorders.

Care Partner Co-Op!™ – Care partners live with the disease too. This session is for you.

Care partners are at a higher risk for serious health issues than non-care partners.  Care Partner Co-Op!™ is a monthly skill-based support session that helps care partners navigate complicated and challenging situations and offers a special time for you as a care partner to attend to your own physical, social and emotional health.

Brain Tease!™ – Keeping your brain quick and nimble is vital – weekly.

Daily Brain Tease!™ posts exercise a part of your body that always benefits from attention – your brain! Whether you’re a person with Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, or a care partner, engaging in Brain Tease!™ promotes brain health, reduces stress, and increases your ability to navigate life more easily.

Care partners are often on the go – nonstop – from morning to night.  It’s an equal opportunity disease, and care partners need support and help too. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to stop, intentionally, just for a moment, and fill yourself up.  Second to Stop!™ will help you do that.

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Click the Tabs Below to Learn About Neuro Life Online™:


Does my membership fee include all of the services?  Yes, all of the services and programs are included in your membership.  We hope you will engage with all of them!

Who can become a member?  Any person with Parkinson disease, Huntington’s disease, dystonia, care partners of people with movement disorders, and family members of people with a movement disorder. 

Can care partners join even if the person with Parkinson or Huntington’s doesn’t want to? Absolutely!  Our programs are designed to meet your needs too.  Living optimally with a movement disorder is a team sport. We know that each person on the team needs to have support and engage in wellness services, no matter whether individually or together.

What if I have difficulty logging on to the site?  We have your back!  Our Neuro Life onlinecoordinator can troubleshoot with you and help you learn how to log on.

Are there any rules?  We follow the rules of the playground – be polite, kind, engaged, have fun, and be respectful.  We ask that people refrain from political or religious discussion to ensure this is a space open to all people. The online forum allows for 1:1 conversation and we want all people to feel they are a part of the community.  Also, marketing of any services, products, or programs at any time when using PMDAlliance’s Neuro Life online™ services is not allowed.

Do I need any specific technology? You’ll need high-speed internet and a computer, tablet or phone (ideally with a camera) to access the services.  Most newer computers and tablets come with a camera. If you can’t access the service and have paid a membership fee, we’ll refund your membership! If you have difficulty in the process, we are here to help. We’re also developing a home-based program for individuals without access to high-speed internet. If you want to learn about it, please send us an email at


Maria C. Ospina, MD – Neuro Life Online™ Medical Advisor

Dr. Ospina brings more than 18 years of experience as a neurologist and movement disorders specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. She completed her fellowship in movement disorders at Louisiana State University Medicine School and graduated with honors from St. George’s University in 1998.  Practicing across Arizona and in Florida, Dr. Ospina, known for her holistic and practical approach to living with movement disorders, enjoys ensuring that people with neurological diseases and their support team are informed, empowered, and able to navigate care. She has also been an investigator in several clinical research trials in Parkinson disease and other movement disorders.


Paarth Shah, MD, Neuro Life Online™ Learn It!™ Faculty

Dr. Shah is a neurologist and clinical fellow focused on specializing in movement disorders at Barrow Neurological Institute. An Arizona native and former ASU alumnus, he completed his medical doctorate and Neurology residency in New York and California, respectively. He enjoys treating patients and spending time with their families.  He hopes to stay in the Phoenix metropolitan area once his fellowship at Barrow is complete. As a PMDAlliance adviser, he appreciates the opportunity to speak and extend his enthusiasm and dedication to helping those with Parkinson disease.


Judy Talley, MA Gerontology – PMDAlliance Program Director (coordinates Care Partner Co-Op ™)

Judy is Program Director for PMDAlliance.  She draws upon two decades of experience in housing, services and healthcare for older adults.  With leadership experience in assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and rehab/nursing facilities, Judy brings a wealth of information about training, program design and delivery.  Utilizing her expertise in developing educational programs for varied audiences, Judy leads the Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ program and provides guidance and information about navigating changes in care needs and lifestyle choices.


Mia Cooper –Neuro Life online Move It! ™ Instructor

Mia is a certified personal trainer with more than 25 years in the exercise, fitness, health and wellness field, She has participated in more than 150 hours of Parkinson-specific training and is a partner in F.I.T. (Fall Intervention Training), a program that strives to keep clients living independently by improving each client’s fitness level.  Mia conducts Move It!™ classes three times per week, focuses on Parkinson-specific exercise, and always considers the safety of class members exercising at home. 


Mandy Snell–Neuro Life Online™ Coach (Weekly Wellness).

Originally a farm girl from Illinois, Mandy now lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she uses her degree in Tourism Management and background in wellness services in her program, Meaning in Motion. She mentors people through a journey of self-discovery that marries her love of the outdoors with her talent for bringing out the best in others. Her personal experience includes a loved one with PD who inspires her volunteerism. 


Jennifer Anderson – Neuro Life Online™ Exercise Special Events Instructor PT, DPT, NCS.

Jennifer is a physical therapist with a passion for Parkinson disease. She founded Root Physical Therapy, which is specifically designed to empower people with PD. Jennifer earned her doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from A.T. Still University. She is a board certified neurologic clinical specialist (NCS), which is a distinguishing certification attained by successful completion of a rigorous examination demonstrating specialized knowledge and advanced clinical proficiency in neurologic physical therapy practice. She is LSVT BIG® certified, and PWR! trained.


Perry Heilman – Neuro Life Online™ H2 ™ Happy Hour Co-Host 

An Arizona resident since 1953 and diagnosed with PD in early 2010, Perry retired in 2012.  He said, “I avoided social interaction for a time until I made up my mind to venture outside my self-imposed comfort zone. I found a community with an ocean of love, support, and knowledge.” He added, “We are each unique but with enough common experience to be friends, teachers and students with and for each other.”  Perry looks for forward to hanging out with you.


Judy Reynolds – Neuro Life Online™ H2 ™ Happy Hour Co-Host 

Judy moved to Arizona in 1997. Retired from the defense industry in 2005, she was diagnosed with PD in 2014 and became involved in several support groups and exercise programs. She believes that exercise is what keeps her healthy and helps delay the onset of symptoms.  Judy regularly attends PMDAlliance Get Out! events and keeps active to boost her overall health.  Social and welcoming, she likes to help people remember that PD doesn’t define you.


Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design – PMDAlliance Executive Director (Coordinates Learn It™).

With more than 25 years of experience leading non-profits and health care programs, Sarah’s expertise extends to creating dynamic work cultures, systemic transformations, and blending passion for mission with innovative, high-quality business models. Sarah has designed programs and led trainings for local, national and international audiences, including groups in Canada and Botswana.  Driven by the belief that life is too short to just show up every day, she strives to create a world that we are excited to live in and be a part of.

Registration & Membership Steps

Click on the Neuro Life online™ registration form button on this page.

Complete the registration and select a payment option.  Membership is $25 per month, $65 for three months, $200 for one year –  for each household.  You can select to pay automatically each month using a credit card, quarterly or 12 month increments.

You will be directed to complete a couple online documents as a part of your registration.  Each program participant is asked to complete a set of confidential, validated assessments to measure anxiety, depression, and wellness prior to starting the program and again at 3 and 6 months.  The scales assist PMDAlliance in refining the program to achieve maximum benefits and outcomes for you.  The scales are also important for use in obtaining grants and funding support, which help offset the need for higher membership fees.

Once you’ve registered online, our Neuro Life online™ coordinator will contact you and provide a password to access all programming.  It’s that easy!

Who Is It For?

Neuro Life online addresses the interests and needs of the whole person and promotes optimum health and wellbeing.  Individuals living in metro areas access this service to compliment and augment their already established in-person support system.  If you live in a community with a Neuro Wellness center for movement disorders, we encourage you to be active in and participate.  Nothing beats in-person interaction and activity!

However, many people live in communities that do not offer a neuro wellness Center, or they aren’t able to attend because of transportation, cost, discomfort and personal reasons. Individuals participating in the Neuro Life online become a part of a movement disorder community and engage in support services, exercise, education and wellness services specific to the needs of people impacted by movement disorders. The Center is open to anyone impacted by a movement disorder, and the program is designed to also meet the needs of care partners, as well as the person with the disease.

PMDAlliance and the Neuro Life online

The Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMDAlliance) is a non-profit organization providing support services and programs that enhance the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people impacted by Parkinson disease, Huntington’s disease and other movement disorders. Operating independently and unaffiliated with any specific medical facility or physician, we reach across all communities and partner with many movement disorder physicians.

PMDAlliance designs and implements all of its programming with attention to three core outcomes central to our mission: 1) to learn; 2) to live life more fully; and 3) to connect with others. We know how the long-term impact of movement disorders affects the person with the disease, their loved ones, and friends. We know these diseases can be all-consuming for the person and their care partner. That’s why we develop and deliver programs that are more than therapeutic; they’re also enjoyable and fun.

With a network of 25+ expert advisors who are neurologists with advanced specialty training in movement disorders, we engage with thousands of people who live with movement disorders and their care partners.  We design, test, and pilot our programs to ensure they meet the interests and needs of people living in metro areas, rural communities, and underserved locations. Our programs include educational seminars, weekend retreats, support group leader training, education and certification for facilities providing residential and in-patient care, and our flagship, Neuro Life online™.

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