Wellness & You

Capture the Bright Spots

By Mandy Snell, Neuro Life Online Wellness Coach

Weekly Wellness, A Component of our Neuro Life Online Program

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Where your thoughts go energy flows?” It refers to our life force energy. In a nutshell, our thoughts emit a high, positive vibration that causes an attraction of the like. For example, focusing on all the wonderful things in our life, such as the people who love us and the relationships that have taught us, attracts even more love into our life. When we open the channels for positive energy to flow effortlessly, we begin to “vibe high” – a beautiful space to occupy. We simply must choose to pay attention to our thoughts and focus on positive outcomes that bring us joy. The opposite would be putting emphasis and focus on what we want to avoid like loss, poverty, and disease.

In life, there are plenty of curveballs that challenge us to keep our thoughts actively focused on what we want to attract. When we’re faced with a life-changing disease that abruptly forces us to identify a new normal, like Parkinson’s, we put an intense focus on it because it’s such a big deviation from what we previously knew. Soon, our loved ones are focused on the disease intensely too, and we’re all contributing to a huge energy dump. When worry grows, our energy begins to flow in the wrong direction.

All too often, we skip over the good things in life and instead give attention to the things that didn’t go as planned. This may lead us to treat the positive as fleeting, while the negative stays with us over time.

This week, we’re going to channel nature and like the Fall foliage, we’re going to change and shed. Let’s get rid of our old thought habits and invite energy to flow in the right direction.

Take the time each day to make a list of three things that bring you joy. It could be in a journal, or cut strips of paper and grab a jar from the kitchen. Place your journal or this Gratitude Jar where you gather to eat, and jot down three things a day that you are grateful for. Before you know it, you’ll recognize the bright spots in your life far outweigh the bad.

When we bring the good in our life into focus, we begin to live a renewed sense of self. Yes, our norms may have changed, but all of us have a light inside us and a responsibility to shine it bright. Enjoy this process of reigniting your inner flame and rejoicing for all that is good!

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