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TUCSON, AZ • JUNE 3, 2022

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Together, They're Navigating Uncertainty

Eleven years ago, when Ana María Tamayo’s husband Ray was diagnosed with Parkinson’s by one of the top neurologists in Lima, Peru, where they live, he told them, “Don’t tell anybody. People won’t understand and you don’t want them to look at you differently.”

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Our Mission

We’re an independent, national nonprofit on a mission to empower people impacted by movement disorders with the tools and meaningful connections they need to thrive today. We provide free resources to the entire Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem©—to people living with the disease, care partners and adult children, support group leaders, and healthcare providers—because we all do better when everyone’s empowered.

We believe in expanding access to high quality, expert-driven, deep-diving online and in-person programs, including offering a vast on-demand video library. We create courageous spaces for you to connect with community, cultivate positive change, and spark joy.

We’re here to navigate the waves of a movement disorder together, bringing clarity and life-giving solutions. You are not alone.

As a nurse with Ashfield Healthcare, on behalf of US World Meds, an absolute honor to have the opportunity to be inspired by the PMD Alliance community. It’s truly uplifting to know the love and support the PD community has. Being a nurse, these events provide me with education to take back to my patients, and help me grow as a PD nurse. I can’t express enough how impactful PMD Alliance is to the PD community, patients & healthcare providers.


– Jessica Hefner (Chandler, AZ)

This week’s workshop in Phoenix was truly a joy to be able to participate in. I LEARNED a lot!! Even more, it was such a privilege to be in such a great group of people – an amazing collection of strong, insightful, caring personalities. PMD Alliance not only strengthens and helps the leaders, it has a tremendous positive impact on the people they are trying to help. The ripples spread out! The whole experience was simply terrific.


– Anna Wilkerson (Tucson, AZ)

I’m glad I went to the Get Out. A gentleman and I stood talking for over an hour. He was thankful and told me he had never talked to anyone that knew what he was going through and it made him feel better knowing that he isn’t the only one. I informed him that there are many other people going through what we are going through and I’m always able to talk. Thank you for all you do.



–  Ernest Marquez (Albuquerque, NM)

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