About Us

After hearing from thousands of people in our community, we’ve developed a unique set of programs designed to address unmet needs – programs promoting the daily health and well-being of those we serve. Our goal? Develop fresh programs that keep you inspired, engaged and help you remember that you are not alone. We are excited to share a new form of service delivery. Parkinson disease is a team sport – and we’re on your team!

Rather than simply replicate already existing activities offered by other organizations, PMDAlliance delivers high impact programs that offer significant, meaningful and holistic support to people living with Parkinson disease and other movement disorders.

With the tremendous leadership of an active Board of Directors and enthusiastic support from program sponsors and donors, Sarah Jones, Executive Director, and Judy Talley, Program Director, have brought their extensive experience and skills to PMDAlliance. We’re now focused on creating programs and events that promote making every day the best it can be.